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Title: Try Listening
Author: Amanda Burr
Date Submitted: 9/29/2022

Poem: In conversation, the word “suicide,” was said.
So you said, “Satan always is telling us lies.”
But don’t you understand the perniciousness of
misunderstanding causality?
You make mental illness
my fault, my fault, my fault.
For twenty years, my fears were of not being good enough,
of not being worthy enough, to keep satan at bay.
Or, of keeping the Holy Spirit
around to protect me from depression.
I always thought
“I’m not good enough.”
“I’m not righteous enough”
to keep depression away.
But I have bipolar,
I could pray all day,
pleading to a God,
I’ve only ever heard about, to heal me,
to make me happy.
I’ve carried the shame in the belief
that my sins were the instigation
to my depression’s flame.
So, please, if you don’t understand,
don’t say shit. Research it.
Understand that my mental health
has never been related to any standing with some celestial being.
Instead of saying platitudes, ask me, to understand me.
Stop believing that you already
“Get it.” And try, listening. ...