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Title: The Hunger
Author: Lorraine Fritsch
Date Submitted: 3/13/2022
Email: lorrainefritsch33@gmail.com

Sitting on the edge of obsidian darkness
Smoke fills my cold empty apartment
Whistles ringing, sirens screaming
A kaleidoscope of images fleeting
Nameless faces, chatterboxes
Babbling baboons, mane coons
Doctors, gurus words they mutter
Just nonsensical blunders they utter
Exhausted, confused, battered and bruised
From chemicals that have been emphatically infused
With reckless emotion I hunger the potion
That ends this relentless chain of pain
That leaves me indelibly labeled insane
And when I dream of peace pervading my soul
Taking me in from the vicious cold
I wake up to the sound of the real world’s bell
Only to return to my living hell....