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Title: The Mask of Seduction
Date Submitted: 4/17/2021

Poem: Rain slamming brutally upon the streets
Rats scurrying around looking for something to eat
Alone in a cold filthy hotel
The rats and rodents know her well.
A tall dark stranger enters the door
Asserting lady I have what you’re looking for.
The masquerade begins to play
As she whispers words she's rehearsed to say
She's the mistress, the master, white slaver,manipulator
Takes all your money then sees you later.
As her flamboyant charade comes to a flawless close
She imaginatively designs masks for her subsequent beaus
she tarries along with her game of deception
Laughing cynically as she plays marionette with their affection
And in the midnight hours when strangers become affluent lovers
She stashes cash in her corset then slips under the covers.
As nightfall transfers to the light of day
Her menagerie of plastic faces
Are places intimately in private secluded places
And she goes through her day in very usual way
Garbling the same nonsense they all roboticly say
Like madam how are you doing today?
As nightfall creeps slowly upon the abandoned streets
Another rich stranger she's scheduled to meet
Instinctively surfaces her magnificent disguise and
Again she whispers in their ears sweet little lies
Mastering the game she so cunningly contrived