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Title: Truce
Author: DCmusician
Date Submitted: 10/26/2020

Poem: You lost all my savings // Drove off my lovers
Destroyed my health // Then killed my mother

You ruined my career // And ravaged my passion
Twisted my reality // A true soul-assassin 

You demand from the shadows // Sacrifices be made
Your hunger — endless // What else must be paid?

“It’s just in your head” // “It’ll all go away”
But I know myself  // And you’re here to stay

War-torn and weary // From the constant fight
We need a new tactic // And we need it tonight

We must coexist // To make it out alive
So I offer you a truce  // In hopes we survive 

What’s done is done // It can’t be changed
But from here on out // We’ll control our rage

We can’t hurt ourselves // Or even be ashamed 
We’ll learn to love again // And break free of these chains

The same chains we’ll use // To pull ourselves up
Or come down from above // When we used to jump

We’ll walk to old age // With our head held high
Rebuilding what we must // One piece at a time ...