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Title: Living with no help
Author: Bent
Date Submitted: 1/22/2019

Poem: Iíve got something to say
Living intensely living raw
Watching it taunt me Letting this take a hold
Without help you grow elevated
Take it from me Youíll feel the Atrophy

I donít understand Itís you I cannot see
Donít try to change my mind
You just Took it from me Reality
Where has this been I donít understand
What are your intentions
Are you being rational
How do I know yours are not lying
Pure thought I see right through you
You beg Now I know Now I can tell
You want to use me You want control
My cruel vision this is what I see
They said we can help your vision
We can help you see whatís in your reality
You all donít get this affliction
Everything I know this to be
It gets Taken from me
My Reality
Fighting to ignore what might be
I break into a new rationality
Years with no help

Take it from me I feel the Atrophy...