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Title: My Sad, Lovely Lass
Author: Ngoc Nguyen
Date Submitted: 1/19/2019

Poem: Give me drink, rest, and solitude
these are all the things I long for;
give me as well your finest food
and I'll ask of you, lass, no more!

My lovely lass, what's the matter
why are you all sad and alone?
Don't be vexed because you're sadder
than most, dear, for God loves His own.

Sweet girl, I'll tell you a secret:
if I were a young lad again,
I'd chase you for your sweet asset.
But as I am two-score and ten

years old (oh yes, indeed!) never
can I be the prince you now need:
but your pain won't be for ever
if you search where your crushed heart leads. ...