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Title: A Love Song from the Amorous Shepherd
Author: Ngoc Nguyen
Date Submitted: 10/9/2018

Poem: They graze in beauty on the land
of grassy glades and dewy dales,
and all that's best of tamed and tanned
meets in their aspect and their tails;
thus mellowed to that tender hand
which Shepherd to mild glen compels.

One fleece the more, one spot the less,
had half-repaired the shearless grace
which wreathes in every woollen tress
or darkly tightens o'er their face,
where eyes serenely sweet express
how pure, how dear their grazing race.

And on that rump and o'er that round
so fat, so plump, yet elegant,
the baas that win, the hooves that bound,
but tell of days in meadows spentó
a flock at peace with all around,
a drove whose milk is innocent....