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Title: Sonnet: “The Bipolar Blues”
Author: Ngoc Nguyen
Date Submitted: 4/19/2018
Email: ngoc.m.nguyen@cox.net

Poem: Wild with unbounded energy tonight,
I eschew my meds until I can hear
the frightful voices trumpet in my ear,
now haunting me into the dead of night
as I transform into a monstrous sight;
a version of myself that I most fear
when mania overtakes me — oh, dear
God! Why am I accursed with this dire plight!?
Life with bipolar disorder seems tragic —
it's like a trial by fire, a hard test;
at times this dark disease makes me frantic
with madness, rapture, and profound unrest
that's so vile that I turn full-blown manic—
and thus I'm o'erwhelmed and under arrest! ...