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Title: Sonnet:
Author: Ngoc Nguyen
Date Submitted: 2/4/2018
Email: ngoc.m.nguyen@cox.net

Poem: Believe it or do not life is a gift—
do not give up yourself to its evils
or to its tribulations and trials!
Know instead that God, tho' you feel adrift,
will never leave you — He will buoy you up
and guide you to shore; this know that God wills.
He will anoint your steps through the steep hills
of your life and in the end fill your cup
until it runs over—rejoice! Have heart!
For you are not alone in your sorrows
and grief, for God and the angels take part
in the triumphs and victories you seize.
If you hold out to the end, tomorrows
are yours—hope and escape despair's disease? ...