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Title: To Rose the Tormented
Author: Ngoc Nguyen
Date Submitted: 1/4/2018
Email: ngoc.m.nguyen@cox.net

Poem: To Rose, the one whom sleep eludes;
whence comes to you fears in the nights,
these specters that harass your moods
and chill your soul when out are the lights?
Is there no cure or wonder drug
that heals you like a best friend's hug?

Night after night you are beset
at bedtime by your heightened fears
of the Reaper's sudden onset
which drive your nightmares and your tears.
Like the night, your fear annoys you;
and irks, vexes then destroys you.

Death robs you of your somnolence
and steals from you your needed rest;
it rapes from you your confidence
that you feel cursed and are unblest.
But, my dear, I am here to tell
you that for you there's no death knell.

You are beyond the reach of death,
for God embraces you for ever
and gives you life with ev'ry breath
that Death therefore harms you never;
and I'll be here as your best friend
for all of time until Time's end!...