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Title: "Little Sparrow"
Author: Ngoc Nguyen
Date Submitted: 3/29/2018
Email: ngoc.m.nguyen@cox.net

Poem: “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”—Psalm 34:18 New International Version (NIV)

Little sparrow, what troubles thee;
is it the stigma you face?
Little sparrow, what pierces thee;
is it the shame of disgrace?

Is it the brokenness in your heart,
or the sorrows you can't outlive?
Is it the anguish that sets you apart,
or the hurt that holds you captive?

What befalls you
is neither unfelt nor unknown;
God cares and calls you
when you're cast out and all alone.

God will never forsake you
in your time of need;
God will never permit you
to suffer or bleed....