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Title: Sonnet: "A Bipolar Realization"
Author: Ngoc Nguyen
Date Submitted: 3/29/2018
Email: ngoc.m.nguyen@cox.net

Poem: If I skip sleep or refuse to take my
meds against my doctor's advice, I hear
radio-like sounds at night in my ear;
the sounds unhinge me as no one's nearby
when I'm bipolar and I fail to comply
with doctors' orders. It's common, I fear--
that I'm committed two to three times a year;
it puts my whole life on total standby!
Life with my disorder is difficult;
but it also makes life a real challenge,
a test to beat and surmount--to exult
in when I face it and no longer cringe
from my disease as some unjust result
of fate that grimly has me on the fringe....