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Title: Done
Author: Anonymous
Date Submitted: 2/23/2018

Poem: Why do you torment me so
please be quiet, please be still
Iím really close to my fill
Thereís no sense, thereís no reason
But still you jump and hop around
I beat you down and hold you silent to the ground
but what's the point?
All too soon you're back up
Racing round and round again .. no peace ...no rest ...days passing by in a haze
Itís just a phase and itíll pass, I hear them say
Well fuck you... you trying living in this maze
I canít cope, Iíve had enough
Free will and choice apparently have a part to play
All I can say.... is fuck this shit
I did not choose to be this way
But its my choice
and I will not continue to live this way
One way or another itís got to end
A final chapter or new beginning
I really donít care as long as it ends
Coz at this point Iíve had enough and reached my fill
I surrender, I am weak
Please let me pass this very week
And find some fucking eternal peace...