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Title: Alone
Author: James Cook
Date Submitted: 12/16/2017
Email: jameswcook40@gmail.com

Poem: I sit alone
I walk alone
I even cry alone

In a crowded room full of people
But yet still alone

In this life of torment and pain
I知 destined to be alone

At the end of the day I値l be alone
I talk on the phone
and even with the person on the other end,
I feel like I知 talking alone.

As the days go by and I sit here alone
I知 waiting on my day to be buried
So I can go to heaven so I知 not alone.

I知 counting the days
They go by 1 by 1
Don稚 worry momma I知 not gonna use this gun.

This empty heart
My empty soul
This empty shell of a man.

Please God show me your plan. ...