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Title: Manic to mellow
Author: James Cook
Date Submitted: 12/16/2017
Email: jameswcook40@gmail.com

Poem: I'm lost in my mind, it's like walking blind.
My thoughts are empty.
My soul begs for freedom from the screams in my head.
As usual I'm the one left for dead,
out in the cold, lost in thought.
Freedom it can't be bought.
One kind word, one smile, one simple hello
Can take me from manic to mellow
I'm lost in thought I'm walking blind through life.
My tears fall like the spring rain
just to know I can never come back.
My soul's black like the voices in my head
that scream out for me to attack.
I'm lost, I say I'm lost,
I'll give my life for peace at any cost.. ...