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Title: Normal
Author: jochic1212
Date Submitted: 8/8/2017
Email: jaebaebae1212@gmail.com

Poem: when I was younger, I would do whatever it took
To get any attention I could from mom and dad.
Sometimes it was good, but usually it was bad.
From fifth grade suicide notes
To freshman year pregnancy tests,
I was plagued the entire time with the simple question:
“why can't you be normal?”
Normal is a societal label,
Normal is a culturally accepted term That regulates what is ‘okay,’
But more than all of the these, Normal is a disease.
It gives boys the ‘right’ To “be who they are,”
Unless they are ‘too feminine.’
Normal gives girls an understanding of inferiority
That they are NOT temples of beauty unless they work at it
and that they need to just Shut up and live in fear.
Fuck normal.
Normal has destroyed far more people than my odd antics ever have or ever will
Normal encourages a society of death.
It says being perfect is accessible for the right price,
And that all other options fail.
Life is not a pass or fail multiple choice test!
Life is an everlong essay of the history you've created.
Normality needs a reality check.
So again, fuck normal....