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Title: Re-Building Everyday
Author: Bent
Date Submitted: 7/30/2017
Email: Shouldifeelthis@icloud.com

Poem: Watch it surround me
Trying to hold my thought
You question
Why have you not listened
Feel it grow within
Search for answers
They all question me again
This pounding in my head
Trying to listen I feel primitive
I've forgotten as I listen
I contain it I cannot make it go away
I realize it's ending me
Everything I know this to be
Feeling primitive I still try to listen
Pounding in my head
I take it then I contain it
You question me again
Now my thoughts left me
No one warned me I just watch it happen
Now it's haunting me again as I reflect
My mind becomes a whirlwind
Overseeing the sectioned
Staring back at me I shiver
Now I can feel it rebuilding all again
Somehow I survive this
It happens everyday
They stimulate and take away...