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Title: I am me.
Author: Kayleigh Porter
Date Submitted: 7/7/2017

Poem: I am kayleigh, I am me, but what you don't know is what
you don't see.

I'm a tsunami on a peaceful day, with waves that crash wreaking havoc on the way,
Then I dry out like the Aral sea, I'm empty and void, there's nothing in me.

I'm black and I'm white, I'm certainly not grey, there's no in between, for me it doesn't work that way. I guess it's quite simple, yet so confusing, like an endless battle I just keep losing.

These aren't choices that I make each day, they're predetermined in my brain in a way.
As much as I try to fight them away, it takes all my strength, I can't live day to day.

So tell me now, what do I do; battle the monster that rages inside, soothe him, calm him, hope he'll subside. Or do I put on my mask for a little bit longer, live my life while he ticks away just getting stronger?

I'm the menace in your mind, the angel on your shoulder. I'm an emotional whore but I don't want to be this anymore.

I am kayleigh. I am me. I think I'm bipolar. It's pretty clear to see. ...