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Title: I Wish I Were a Dragon
Author: jochic1212
Date Submitted: 3/15/2017
Email: jordannnewton@gmail.com

Poem: You promised to love me,
Yes, you promised to care,
But now you are far from me,
And I do not know how you fare.
I wish that you could see me.
See me how I am,
Because my heart is broken.
You clearly do not give a damn.
I wish I were a dragon.
I wish I caused you fear.
I wish instead of laughter,
My words made you tremble as they hit your ear.
I am tired of being broken!
I am tired of being hurt.
I am so sick and tired
Of being left for dead in the dirt!
Stop breaking my character!
Stop treading on my beliefs!
Stop making me feel disposable,
Like you would not care if I leave.
Please listen to my pleas.
Please listen to my cries.
This is the last chance you will get
Before I say goodbye.
I wish I were a dragon-
One that could break your heart-
Because I never would hurt you.
I have loved you from the start. ...