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Title: A Change of
Author: Jesse White
Date Submitted: 2/19/2017

Poem: My mood has changed, I'm feelin' sharp and dapper,
and now I'm 'bout to spit about it like a rapper, never dull as I cut through bull, towards what I'm after, a marksman, with skills as a sick syllable drafter, a lyrical crafter, you're like a laugh track with no laughter, and if you don't like the message, then change the station, cause I'm committed to this shit like a mental patient, as I drop these bars, creating a great racket, and I'm wearin' my scars like a straitjacket, I'll be takin' my dreams, and continue to pile 'em, I can't hear over the screams, but I'm granting asylum, blowin' your mind, makin' you think like you ought to be, I can see it, you're on the brink, thanks to this verbal lobotomy, I'm bred to give, get the sedative, but there's no stoppin' me, I keep repetitive rhymes, cause my flows are done properly......