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Title: Letting Go
Author: Jesse White
Date Submitted: 2/19/2017

Poem: I guess it's time to let you go,
there's no more room to learn or grow, good times are gone, they had their chance, you stood your ground, I held my stance, and so the price we paid is fair, you abandoned me, although I cared, but thoughts mean nothing over actions, communication was losing traction, so we go our separate ways, a friendship killed, a promise frayed, words I meant with heart and soul, my friends are all that make me whole, but I won't beg, and I won't plead, you picked this way, away from me, so I'll move on, without a friend, I didn't want this kind of end, so take all the happy times we shared, and disregard the fact I cared, and as you fade from all I know, I'm still upset to see you go......