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Title: Just Love Me
Author: Tiffany Leza
Date Submitted: 9/27/2016

Poem: I am up so high I can conquer the world, watch me as I spin and twirl and whirl.
I run and jump and play with my kids. I go, go, go before it all ends.
I clean and I run there is no need to sleep. I exercise so hard yet donít need to eat.
The spark in my eyes itís there canít you see?
Watch out, I warn, this feeling will flee!
Iím angry and irritated, Iíll make you my prey. Iím paranoid and mad, just get away!
I boil, I scream, I riot, I rage. Be calm and collected, dare not engage.
Oh no! I can feel him deep down in my soul.
The monster consumes me Ė I beg let me go!
Your love I require just break down my walls. Yet you turn and abandon despite my calls.
I sleep and I cry, just stay away. He pulls me inside heís here to stay.
My love tries to save me, stays right by my side. His passion, devotion like a burning light.
He hugs me, feeds me puts me back in one piece. His warmth brings me back, from my eyes lifts the fleece.
My best friend beside me to pull me from bed. Sheís there like an angel her wings widely spread.
The darkness creeps away - slowly he goes. I search for the high where it is I donít know.
Iím left numb in a daze, no feeling to be had. The sparks in my eyes are gone I look bad.
I sit and I stare hoping I can break free. Lord, I pray, please help me be me.
I smile I walk I break out of my jail. Dr. Anne makes me better, gives me a cocktail.
Donít hate me just love me. Donít yell or be mean.
I need you for strength canít you just see? My kids and my love my backbone theyíll be.
Just help them, support them to look out for me.
I may sound needy, for you that is rough.
But being in my mind is extra tough.
Take me or leave me your decision to make.
Beautiful chaos every morning I wake.