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Title: MyTwisted Ride
Author: JmaC
Date Submitted: 12/8/2016

Poem: Words cannot contain the Sadness inside me; The hatred I feel towards oneself
Everyday is an up and down ride on this twisted Rollercoaster called life
I need shelter, I need help, I need something; Please give in to my pleas and help
Surround me with Hope, Love, Peace; Please take all of this pain away
Please, I beg you for forgiveness, for shelter from the storm, don't turn me away
God you are the only way I will be able to survive this excessive stress
Please help me fight temptation, please help me strengthen my marriage, please forgive me
My past mistakes have taken me to Zero; Only the love for you will ever let me rise again
Thank you for not running away when you had the chance; Thank you oh Lord, Thank you...