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Title: I Ought to Remember
Author: Kyle Dibert
Date Submitted: 10/7/2016
Email: k.dibert@yahoo.com

Poem: I must remember that I am human; I am able to be
Broken, manipulated – I am malleable in the most Stubborn of ways.I must remember the spaces between Friends;I need not have someone at the doorstep the Night through while I sleep. I must remember the pain I once felt; I must remember the joy I once had.
I must remember that I am human; I am destructive, Yet easily destroyed.I just must remember with Clarity that which brought me to this strange corner Of time;but, it is as much the clock’s fault for Ticking, as it is time’s fault for passing away.
I must remember to learn, and I must remember not to Forget so easily; though, I’ll soon forget to Remember all the memories which stain the innermost Depths of myself.I must remember all these things so I can tell the youth of this country, but they won’t Listen;just as I didn’t listen.
I must remember seconds turn to years
And years turn to decades;flowers wilt quickly
And we all likewise age. I must remember the pain I Once felt; for, I never want to feel it again.
I must remember the joy I had; for, all I want is to have it back.I must remember that it will be gone before I have a chance to do anything about it.I must remember that one day I will be merely a memory;
I must strive for it to be a good one....