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Title: Denied
Author: Sam
Date Submitted: 3/7/2016

Poem: Looming over me stands Father Fate
In hood and robe, with mallet in hand.
When least expected he strikes the gong.
Silent dissonance, deafening song.
Despite my urge to embrace the truth,
I cannot open my ears to it...
For fear has caged me in stark denial,
Walking on air with an empty smile.
Tendrils holding me down to my bed
In helpless, catatonic limbo.
I can't find the will within my soul
Eagerly trying to fill the hole.
The eyes of Father Fate are staring,
Hiding in plain sight until I move;
An image all know well, but don't see.
Locking out the person with the key.
Poisoned minds can only go so long
Without breathing reality's air
It only takes one flash of terror
To make it gasp. One loss. One error.
"But no!" I bellow, with head held high,
Fabricating courage to survive.
The stilts beneath me are snatched away
On my knees, to Father Fate I pray...
Help me, help me, whatever may or may not be there,
I'm spiraling down in despair!
Please, I fear the void!
I'm hopeless...
No... No......