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Title: Mis'' Life of Depression
Author: Anonymous
Date Submitted: 3/4/2016

Poem: There are times when I look up to the sky,
I feel so bad, I just want to die.
I''ve tried so hard to curb my sorrows,
But all I get are more tomorrows,
That turn into nightmares everyday.
To carry on, to find a way
Is more than I can bear.
I''m supposed to carry on, to care,
But, what''s the point of being here
When everyone I hold so dear
Are behind a pane of glass so thick,
It makes me shudder, it makes me sick.

I''m on my own, I feel so down. 
Things are never what they seem,
Laughing and joking like a clown
I look happy but silently scream.

And, yet here I am, still trying for what?
I really don''t know why.
"Life''s so great" that old chestnut,
Just makes me want to cry.

So, next time you look at me and think,
"There''s nothing wrong with her"
Look harder and see the real old me
And see which you prefer.