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Title: Good VS Evil, Evil VS Good
Author: Jessica Copley
Date Submitted: 8/3/2016
Email: Jessica.ail.hr@outlook.com

Poem: *Bitter & Mad, yet always thankful and glad.
Anxious & Depressed, but I''m way beyond blessed.
*Hurt & Misunderstood, yet a part of me feels Good.
*Taken for granted and been Betrayed, but somehow my love still hasn''t strayed.
*Happy & Sad, Smiling though I''m Mad.
*Loved & Hated, All together but Separated.
*Stupid & Smart, Fulfilled but with a broken heart.
*My mind''s made up... or am I confused? All these emotions have me anything but Amused.
*If only you knew what it felt inside, Like Living everyday, while a part of me has died.
*I pray tomorrow is better for myself, but lately it seems History is repeating itself!
*Bipolar and depression is an awful disease. You can feel so unhappy but still appear pleased.
*Unless you''ve gone through it, you have no clue! But not taking it serious is the last thing to do!...