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Title: Hanging there
Author: Dani
Date Submitted: 8/13/2015

Poem: I can see myself hanging there.
The thoughts are chemical in their nature. I cannot force the thoughts to leave with positive thinking. I''m just hanging there; immobile. Life has no inherent meaning. I know that meaning must be made from a factory in my heart. I cling to music, to words, to dance, to paint, to laughter. But still, I can see myself hanging there. The idea that I might fail keeps me inactive. Who would care if I failed? Would the endless stars care? Would the tiny insects be concerned? Would any human being care? Would anyone beneath a headstone care if I didn''t fulfill the perfect idea I have of myself in my mind? The answer is no. Only I care about my success. I don''t want fame. I want to live forever. I want greatness. But still, I see myself hanging there....