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Title: It''s me and I am it!
Author: Tiona Pratt
Date Submitted: 6/7/2015
Email: T.pratt1992@gmail.com

Poem: It''s like the perfect stormy weather
when me and bipolar get together.
We clash and there''s a sudden change of thoughts and wants! It messes up the process of my brain. Excited as ever and down to earth. 5 minutes later there goes that blessed curse. A storm of rage without explanation I''m willing to hurt... Even though it''s nothing but the devil''s temptation. A few minutes to process what just went about😞! I was blinded, I hurt my love! Another day of this and then there''s this possible without...
Hurt who''s close and does no wrong.
I kiss the same speed and cry the same song.
Bipolar you are me and I am you but trust neither, I am going to defeat you!...