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Title: Falling Apart
Author: Kim Robinson
Date Submitted: 11/21/2014
Email: kimrobinson1220@gmail.com

Poem: Moods to the extreme will always be there...
I''ve learned what to talk about, and what not to share.

What I wasn''t prepared for was everything else falling apart.
Muscles aching, bones cracking, thank God for a good heart.

15 pills every morning, 17 every night.
Cover this, fix that, but still not feeling right.

The whole pharmacy is in my cabinet, what good does it do?
I''d like to feel healthy, and jumping around like I used to.

It could always be worse, some people can''t get out of bed...
I keep that phrase constantly in my head.

Thyroid, COPD, Arthritis, Hepatitis and Bipolar.
All of these diseases can go out the door.

Everything''s broken, liver, lungs and spine.
One thing will always remain, this open heart of mine. ...