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Title: Lockdown
Author: Dan Kyle
Date Submitted: 10/22/2014

Poem: Been a week or so
Since Ive been outside
Sun on face wind on cheeks
Feeling empty and hollow
I used to fight it
Now I experience it

Must get food today
So I must go to survive
Living on bread & water for a couple days
Just so I can stay in lockdown mode

Its just up the hill
Not too far to go
Feet feel like cement
Head feels like friend just died
Must remove scowl from my face
Its too telling of my soul

Hope I dont run into anyone I know
I will chat put on a brave face
But end it fast so I can go
I made it back
Got some things

Back into lockdown mode
Till darkness subsides
A little more time is all I need
Then I hope Im good to go...