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Title: Survive
Author: stone
Date Submitted: 9/25/2014

Poem: Nothing is more real than struggle
It has brought me to a level of awareness
That I could have never reached elsewhere
When you''ve been awake for 9 days
And it doesn''t kill you
You soon realize its only all up to you
I never relied on a fake god or useless prayer
It''s all up to me only me to fight fight hard to save me
I''ve been on death''s door many many many times
The only thing that saved me
Was the strength I developed through struggling
I see so clear that what others believe in
Has never been able to fool me
I am amazed by humanity''s wilful dismissal of reality
The world is a complex amazing beautiful mystery
Not to be explained with such moronic simplicity
I am happy to be me even with all the struggles
Death does not scare you when life
Is so hard to comprehend that it
Takes you to places
That make it more real
Than you ever thought possible
I''m still here with the help of caring doctor
Who helped me simplify enough to be aware
Of what my bipolar reality is and to be conscious of it...