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Title: Letting Go
Author: Brenda Lackey
Date Submitted: 9/22/2014
Email: bjdunn2008@hotmail.com

Poem: At times I feel I''m suffocating
From everyday life itself,
The thoughts that are in my mind.
Can''t believe the cards I''ve been dealt.
It sucks what has happened to me...
But it''s all behind me now.
When I need strength to face another day
I seem to get it somehow.
I have to start living in "today"
And Forgive the past.
Because if I don''t do it
Relationships just won''t last.
I don''t have to forget
All the mistakes I have made.
I can''t dwell on them...
I have to let them fade...
I want to be happy inside and enjoy every day.
And be grateful for what I have and all I gave away.
I have so much love to give, so much to express...
I''m doing what I can do and letting God do the rest...