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Title: Within the Night
Author: Amber Barrall
Date Submitted: 9/19/2014
Email: Mk4sure13@yahoo.com

Poem: I would never wish this pain on one
It dwells so deep inside
The hate I have for myself
Is just too hard to hide
I keep on planning
Non stop plotting
How I''m going to die
Just know one day I''ll find my peace
And I''ll still stay right by your side

Please don''''''''t cry your tears for me
In your heart ill always be
So keep me there
And lock it tight
Ill come and visit in the night

Shallow whispers you may hear
Please my dear don''''''''t you fear
It''''''''s only me tonight
Just wrap your arms around me now
And hold me very tight
For of the breaking of the dawn ill disappear within the night