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Title: Save Me
Author: Brenda Lackey
Date Submitted: 9/17/2014
Email: bjdunn2008@hotmail.com

Poem: The day''s wasting away, the night is black as coal.
All the demons inside, taking over the polluted soul.
Cruel world. Filled with hate. Blood dripping and spilling.
Sex, drugs and spirits, never seem to be filling.
Heart breaking, brain numb. Eyes red and dry.
Feeling myself slowly dying. I can''t scream. I can''t cry.
Take me, hold me. Get me out of this wasteland.
Take me anywhere but here. Save me! Give me your hand..
Wanna run, wanna stay. Trying to be free from my hell.
Break the chains with love. Release me from this jail!
I tried to run away. Quickly I fell.
You are there....I feel you...I can tell...
I hit the ground. Crawling, stumbling to stand.
So dry in this hell....Give me your hand!!
I don''t know what is fake or what is real..
Please save me...Save my life..I just want to Feel!!
Demons gnashing teeth, grab me from inside fire..
Please Save me....Let it be your desire...
Save me, Save me...I''m begging you to try...
You are here now.....finally....I can feel and I can cry!!!...