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Title: Bipolar
Author: Brenda Lackey
Date Submitted: 9/17/2014
Email: bjdunn2008@hotmail.com

Poem: Confusion of the mind, all the racing thoughts.
Tangled in the mind, they can''t be caught.
The stress, anxiety and worry, they all plague the brain...
Just trying to think at all... I feel I''m truly insane.
The mania feels so GOOD, I never want it to end.
ENERGY! On top of the world! It''s truly my best friend!
Then comes the crash down, DESPAIR, sadness and gloom.
Wanting to escape into sleep, not wanting to leave my room.
Thinking there is no way out, Just wanting the PAIN to STOP...
Thinking of resting and wanting PEACE. All my pills I pop.
Laying down and waiting to die, wanting to go in peace.
All the AGONY that I''m in. I just want it to cease.
I wake up in bed, back to the hospital I go
They want to FIX my mind and try and make me grow.
They make me attend groups, All against my will
Going throughout the day, "Here take another pill".
Feeling better, they let me out. Meds stop working right.
Don''t take them, wanting to escape. Drugs and wild flight.
The mood swings start, racing thoughts. They all come back again.
Feeling GREAT, crashing down. This illness will NEVER end!!!...