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Title: Crossroads
Author: Lissa Leigh
Date Submitted: 8/31/2014
Email: StardustFree@aol.com

Poem: Crossroads,
The left, a dead end,
And not a friend, nor a candle, nor a prayer,
Options, anorexic, starve in pain there
and malnourished waste away and, disappear,
Yes, there to the left exists a graveyard,
I await in the rot for him there,
His pallor, irridescent, like the morose moon,
And super nova eyes escape to black,
Its lonelier than God before creation,
His skin is slack,
Paper thin translucent,
Off there to the right, the road, it splits in two,
One reveals me on my knees in trees,
In the foliage of needles and prescriptions,
In the thick of mental illness and its leaves,
In the dense of the pretense of imitation- life,
And the roots, in thirst, will pin me to the earth,
To the right and to the right behold the Phoenix,
The illuminated heat of suffered fire,
Using scorching as the fuel for her existence,
In the burning she will know that shes alive,
In the boiling and blistering inferno,
singes darkness and incinerates through time,
I was born of the ashes before,
I wont fear the ashes,
I never stay dead...