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Title: I''m Drowning Into Myself
Author: ~j.sweetz
Date Submitted: 7/1/2014

Poem: I have a hole in my soul.
A dark, ominous abyss.
A bottomless asylum where my demons exist.
They dance and they play.
Watching and waiting, eager to prey.

They sing songs of torment.
And taunt me with hymns of malevolence and agony.
Their blasphemous symphony, so deafening… louder than life.

Their appetite is steadfast and true.
Everyday, all day… every morning, all night.
They hunger for my soul.
They yearn for my spirit.

I have battled these demons for as long as I’ve lived… and thousands of lives it feels like I’ve lived.
I relentlessly try to drown out their screams, but instead it is me who is drowning into their dreams.

Desperately clinging to my mind''s sweet sanity,
only to find the sweetness of my sanity has already escaped me.

My soul is so weary, so tired and meek.
Their power’s so merciless, so ruthless and lewd.
They feel so invincible, impossible to beat.
They’re bigger than me, it''s written in my destiny.

I feel myself sinking… falling further and further,
so distant from air, the surface of life.
I see bubbles floating upward as I cry out in fear,
but it’s too late, I’m too deep, no one can hear....