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Title: Tortures Deep Inside My Mind
Author: ~j.sweetz
Date Submitted: 7/1/2014
Email: got.sweetz@gmail.com

Poem: What’s worse than wanting something you can’t have?
It’s… not knowing what you want.
Wishing on all the stars in the sky for the answers to your questions…
For something to believe in…
For someone to hold…
For someone to hold you back.
Desperately searching for one reason, any reason,
to not give up and walk away from this world full of lies and deceit.
Praying with all your heart to find one person
who won''t give up one you.
One person who feels you’re worth fighting for.
Having absolutely no control over yourself
Being caught up in a place of torment and agony you wish you were miles away from. Being stuck somewhere between the past and the future, nowhere near where you should be, in the present.
Trapped inside yesterday’s heartaches…and tomorrow’s betrayal.
So far away from home, far away from everything you know and love.
The uncertainty of what’s to be,
And the scars from what has been,
Are enough to tear your soul apart.
At your darkest hour,
playing cards trying beat this game, the game of life. Against a triple six real deal scratch
having nothing but a hand full of jokers and insanities.
Dangerously walking the line of not even being able to trust your own mind. Wandering through life, with a homeless soul deluded by the malicious intentions of others,
Offering venomous hands of guiding light, Leading me to this empty place, between the living and the dead, deep inside my mind, a place I call purgatory....