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Title: Ignorance & Stigma
Author: Sharon Sutton
Date Submitted: 6/25/2014

Poem: Some people think Ďcoz I have a mental illness that in my mind Iím not quite right; shame they donít know me though as Iím fairly bright,
A disorder in my head they think Iím mad, errr really are they that sad?
Little do they know though that they will reap what they sow, what a shame some are ignorant but Ďhey ho!í
Quietly to yourself you should laugh in their face, all they are doing is showing theyíre a disgrace!
All because of a disorder, they think your lifeís not in order,
But your thoughts donít bother me, Iím actually pleased you arenít my friend, just as well I donít think of you being around the bend,
Iím telling you all what I think, but is it really you who needs to see a shrink?
In your face I feel I want to hiss, now itís your choice if you do or donít dismiss!...