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Title: Her change without warning
Date Submitted: 5/20/2014
Email: charliebowdler22@icloud.com

Poem: She loves it
Not the drug, not the drink
Not the acid, nor coke, nor ecstasy
It''s like being high through her own true mind:
being euphoric, excited, awake and alive
"She''s crazy" a man said, under his breath...
"She won''t shut up" said another, smirking to a friend
But she laughs outside and dances in the rain
Talking loudly to her boyfriend,
who''s embarrassed and in pain
She carries on, despite the staring
She''s strong and alert; a grin as big as the earth
She''s infinite, alive and totally magnificent
Not one thing could leave her sad,
she''s completely brilliant
Nothing can stop her
As she runs skips and hops...
Until suddenly she comes to an abrupt stop
Nothing is the same
She has nothing to hold onto
No reason to fight
There''s poverty and war and sadness and madness
The clouds grow stronger
Gravity increases until she can''t hold on any longer
She breaks down to the floor
She doesn''t love it anymore
She lies there, broken and shattered forevermore
She screams and screams and looks up the sky
She lets out a cry:
"I just want to die"...