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Title: The un-understandable
Author: Anonymous
Date Submitted: 5/7/2014

Poem: When no one understands her,
Or knows what she''s going through
She doesn''t mean to be difficult,
She wants to be normal just like you
She doesn''t want the moods,
She doesn''t want the constant change
Put yourself in her shoes,
And take a walk while it rains
You don''t know how to take her,
You don''t know what she will be like today
But who can blame you,
She knows she''s not normal anyway
Her heart is broken,
But she will put a smile on
Looks in the mirror and she sees a ticking bomb
How can you understand her,
When every minute that passes by
She''s someone new,
At first she''s happy and the next minute she''s blue
Now she''s a mother,
her children grow bigger everyday
but her heart suffers
Knowing this could be one of them someday,
She wants to hold on
How can she tell them it will be okay,
When she knows it going to be a constant fighting battle everyday ...