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Title: "Goodbye World"
Author: Gemma Tambling
Date Submitted: 4/29/2014

Poem: As I watch the trees outside my window swaying,
I know soon enough that''s where I''ll be laying.
I know it was my duty to spread happiness and as a person never wane,
But after horrific tribulations I grew in nothing but more pain.
They''ll all be sad, I already know.
Though none had ever felt such an oppressing woe.
They''ll say I''m selfish and that I could handle,
But my essence, as I watched, withered like a
Burnt out candle.
The world as it once was, I''ll never forget,
How, at first, my perception was blurred and so wrong.
Now never to feel an inch of regret,
Overlooking a new path as I whisper "so long"....