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Title: Two Mindsets, the Struggle to Maintain. (Mania & Depression).
Author: Gemma Tambling
Date Submitted: 4/29/2014

Poem: Oh how can I be that girl I just saw?
Whimpering cries, emotions so raw.
The depths of myself explored,
left alone with not one to call.

Rushing feelings in my mind,
now out of Reality, I feel blind,
before naked and exposed,
though now I''m blooming quite like a Rose.

Oh why is life so difficult,
why does it bear many tribulations?
Long winding sorrowful paths,
oh the agitation.
I only want to feel alive,
why can''t it be always and not just "sometimes"?
With not even the energy to dream of a better life,
thinking dark thoughts, a tragic suicide.

"Have you taken Drugs?"
Oh, no, don''t be mistaken,
for this cold, lonely ideation has been swapped with creation.
No longer held in the chains of condemnation,
(of my eternal damnation)
I''m not going to argue with this new-found, sudden radiation.
You. Yes, you, can''t you see me glowing?...