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Title: Only Us
Author: Dan Kyle
Date Submitted: 4/15/2014
Email: frankiekyle@hotmail.com

Poem: In the end its up to us
We reach out for help
Maybe just to acknowledge our pain
We appreciate people that care
And try not to worry about those that dont
but in the end your only us
I feel more alone now
I always was even in relationships
Gone are the drugs the booze
Now I keep it simple and just
try to get through the day
"You have to figure out what
you want to do with your life"
Fuck it Ive never wanted to
Do anything with my life
I feel like a ball
in a pinball machine
When its gets to the breaking point
The suns too bright for me
To notice its a beautiful day
But Im back in the gym
And clawing my way back
Round and round we go
Sometimes the mayhem is fun
Sometimes NOT SO MUCH
Hang in there Im 50 and never giving up...