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Title: Too High
Author: jochic1212
Date Submitted: 4/15/2014
Email: jochic91198@yahoo.com

Poem: She''s had no drugs, nor anything to drink.
To make herself high, all she must do is think.
She giggles too loudly, but people blame the song.
She thinks it''s normal, but they are both wrong.
Up, up, up, she sails with no fear of coming down.
She is the queen up here, complete with a crown.
Higher she goes, until it''s too late.
It will be soon that she realizes her fate.
She''s shaking, they realize with a start.
She must be faking, they think with half a heart.
She''s scared now, the endorphin level is out of control.
It is running her down into a hole.
The fear is real, shown on her face.
So why then, I ask, do people see her as a disgrace?
There is no control, she just can''t help it.
To think of her badly is to be blind or selfish.
She''s too high - she needs you and all of your love!
Even if she denies it, she puts you above.
With help, not pills, she''ll make it through.
Just be there for her. She is depending on you.
Nobody wants this, this disease like bad drugs.
People squash ones like her, the eternally drugged bugs.
Her trips are each day, there''s no rest in between!
The thought that she controls this is obscene.
We want comfort. We want normality!
I don''t want to be treated with utmost formality!
No one wants to be treated like experiments in a zoo.
We just want to be treated exactly like you....