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Title: Diseased
Author: jochic1212
Date Submitted: 4/15/2014
Email: jochic91198@yahoo.com

Poem: Here I am in the cold world with a secret.
A secret that you gave me.
Don''t you dare deny it! I didn''t
ASK for this life.
I climb out of bed in a haze every morning.
I am drugged, slowed, stupefied.
That does not take away the noises in my head!
And it is so quick, I can''t keep up.
But you can''t hear me.
You call me crazy when I cry, scream, laugh, rant,
You call me crazy when I''m silent.
I am alone, you tell me.
But I am never alone!
You can''t escape yourself.
What is this disease, what are these pills?
I''m scared, Mother!
But I''m silent,even though
I hear my cries.
That is part of the disease.
I''ve lost touch with reality....