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Title: Rarely, Maybe, Probably
Author: Charlie
Date Submitted: 4/1/2014
Email: twy124track@aol.com

Poem: If I don''t know me
How can I expect you to understand
Truly perplexed
Way too complex
I never say yes
I never ever say no
Rarely, maybe, probably
Is that an open mind?
Or a debating trick?
Arguing with the right hand
Against the left one
Always on shifting sand
At least I''m not sinking
Any deeper by altering the pain...
Or expect to be happy all the time
With faltering steps I walk toward the light
Ever wary that no one else''s steps are my own
Only more or less the same
Rarely, maybe, probably
An open mind or a debating trick?
Humbly, it''s an open mind
Arrogantly, it''s a debating trick
And I go back and forth
With shortcomings better than they were...