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Title: Black Embrace
Author: the girl that was
Date Submitted: 3/29/2014

Poem: Sadness calls with her siren song
Beckoning me where I belong
Warm and dark in this place
Soft black velvet dripped in lace
Close my eyes, awash with pain
Every inch of my mind my brain
Fills with images dark and hollow
Void of happiness, filled with sorrow
I hold on tight for fear of falling
To the depths below, never returning
All consumed by this black embrace
Self loathing saturated with a shy disgrace
So I close my eyes and hide away
Turn from the faces that show dismay
The ones that love and the ones that judge
Recoil at the thought of human touch
I hate you for loving me
what is it that you don''''t see?
I am not worthy of your time
I cannot give what you provide
I have only time for me
For my self hate and inadequacy
So I turn from you
And hide away
And beg to get through just one more day.......