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Title: Grace
Author: the girl that was
Date Submitted: 3/29/2014

Poem: Fall to the floor as it all goes to shit
Scream like a child with remorse, and remit the idea that you held in your head
That you once had control that you once could have fed
The demons inside with delusions and lies
That you could survive if only you strive
To keep a smile on your face
To be the warm embrace
And hope that they can''''t see the cold in your eyes.
Fall to the floor when it all falls apart
Scream like a child with all of your heart
Unrestrained, uncontained, unable to breathe
As you bash at the ground and your body it heaves
With sorrow and sadness, anger and rage
That you feel when your life is as blank as the page
At the end of the book when the story is told
And you''''re left feeling numb, disconnected and cold. 
So you cry all your tears and you lie on the floor
Stare at the ceiling wanting for more
Waiting for something to come to your door
To come take the pain and heal what is sore
What is broken and bent and tangled and torn
But nothing will come and you know this for sure
So you plaster you face with that same crooked smile
Fix up your hair and swallow the bile
And look away to hide your eyes
That tell of a darkness beneath the lies
Of a happy face, a warm embrace
Of a girl who stands with tortured grace ...